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Estate, Probate and Trust Litigation

When litigation or threat of litigation occurs during a probate or trust administration, our firm represents beneficiaries, creditors or fiduciaries in the litigation process. We apply our expertise in California probate law and our litigation experience to assist our clients in this unique area of the law.

The most common areas of probate and trust litigation are as follows:

  • will or trust contests;
  • beneficiary claims;
  • the validity of trusts (fraud, duress, undue influence, coercion, lack of capacity, proper trust formation, divining the trustor’s intent);
  • trust reformation;
  • representation of trustees;
  • accounting of trust finances;
  • breach of a fiduciary duty; and
  • trust misappropriation/mismanagement.

Our unique expertise in the area of dispute resolution and estate planning helps us provide advice and counsel to our clients to resolve issues between family members and minimize litigation. Our litigation experience equips us to advocate for our client’s interests through trial, if necessary.